At The Fraction Of The Price


Private Sales (FSBO)




Flat Fee System


There are Primarily two way a real estate transaction takes place it is either Privately (For Sale By Owner) or through a Multiple Listing System (MLS©).  Both Buyer and Sellers have their set of reasons as to how they prefer to interact.  Exposing your property to both potentials simultaneously makes the best of sense.

What is the MLS©?
The Multiple Listing System (MLS©) is not a person, place or think.  It is best described as the most successful method of selling real estate for the most money and quickest.  80 Percent of real estate transaction happen ’cause of the MLS©.
What is For SALE BY OWNER?

There are potential buyers of that performer to deal primarily with Sellers directly.  Perpetuating this market there are Sellers who also prefer to deal directly with the Buyer.

Flat Fee System with a blended approach
Savey Sellers will quickly determine the Flat Fee System 100% of the potential buying clients.  The only question is what are the fees, the requirements, and the process to be listed.